Bearbook Projects is a superior Basecamp alternative

You're at the right place. Bearbook Projects has all the features your team needs.
Import your Basecamp 2 projects in a few clicks and pick up where you left off!

BB Projects

How the best project management tools compare


Task Management

Organize tasks into task lists that fit your workflow.

Team Collaboration

Collaborate with your team by discussing work on tasks.

Time Tracking

Track time you spend working on tasks.


Create invoices in under a minute using tracked time.

Project Budgeting

Track project budget on projects and control your costs.

Resource Management

See who has too much work and how much time you have.

Gantt-like Timeline

See how task dates interact on a Gantt-like timeline.

Kanban Board

Move tasks across columns like cards on a Kanban board.

Flexible Task Views

Switch between Kanban and Gantt, even mid-project.

Advanced Reports

Get all the data you need using filters.


Host software on your own server and pay only once.

All Projects in One View

See all your projects on one timeline so you can plan better.

Client Permissions

Control what your clients can do.

How Bearbook Projects compares with other top project management tools

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Bearbook Projects saves you money

Bearbook Projects has a built-in time tracker and invoicing system so you don't have to pay for several tools when you can solve all your needs with just Bearbook Projects.

Replace all this...

Project management

Asana (Premium) ($9.99/month/user)

Time tracking

Harvest (Team) ($12/month/user)


QuickBooks (Essentials) ($24/month)

File storage

Dropbox (Business) ($12.50/month/user)

...with this


ActiveCollab ($49/month for 15 users)
  • To-do lists
  • Discussions
  • Time tracking
  • Invoicing
  • Online payments
  • File storage
  • Documents
  • Calendar
  • Notes
  • Budgets and estimates
  • Integrations
  • Reports

See how Bearbook compares to other projects management tools

We moved away from Basecamp and never looked back

The extras that come with Bearbook give it so much power. For example, we used to pay $50/month on top of Basecamp for Harvest to track time, but not nymore. We’re happy with the switch.


DGA at Rebel projects
A digital creative agency

By using just Bearbook Projects, you can save $296 each month!

Asana ($150) + Time Doctor ($150) + Invoicely ($20) + Box ($75)
15 users