Boost Your Team’s Performance with Timesheet

August 25, 2018

What is the importance of having time sheet? What if there is no time sheet? Will your organization work properly? Which one is the best one for your organization? Whether it fulfill all your necessary requirements? Is time sheet important for only owners? Or time sheet is equally important for employees?

Consider about the past years, when time sheets were either on paper or was on google sheets. (There are few exceptions where google sheets are still utilized) Entering the time with pen on paper was a hectic job and it was time consuming and hard to maintain and keep those paper based time sheets.

Let us take few example issues that you might have faced time sheets were maintained on paper or on google sheet.

a. Hard to enter every single data on paper or on google sheet. For example, their leaves, half days, extra worked hours or say over time.

b. Earlier, even salaries were maintained on papers, so if the employee gets promoted, it is hard to maintain the record of their salaries.

c. Client is charged as per the hours worked or say days it took to complete the tasks. In that case, it will be hard to keep records of every single minute when employee was working on project specific task.

d. Hard to keep those papers safe from natural calamity or any disaster. And even need space to keep this papers and when required, it is hard to find out the page where the necessary information is noted.

And many more such hurdles which might effect on the productivity of the team and consistency in managing any project. So Bearbook introduced a Project Management Online Application. It is a online application, so no burden to maintain it at your site and maintaining every single record on paper.

It comes with 5 great features which may decrease your burden of project management and increase your team's productivity and boost up their performance.

  1. Task Management
  2. Time Tracking
  3. Invoicing to client
  4. Reporting
  5. Documentation

Let me take you through the time tracker which is very important for the team's productivity and performance.

Time Tracking - Time tracking is basically a feature which is used to measure your team's efficiency and helps a organization to plan out on how to increase the efficiency. By efficiency, I mean how to increase the productivity of every single employee working on a project.

Advantages of using Bearbook Time Tracking over Old Paper Work.

  1. Automation - Tracking of time is done automatically instead of noting down every single minute using pen and paper.
  2. Faster and Easy - To track your time on Bearbook PMS, you are just a click away instead of that manual pen and paper work which was time consuming.
  3. Transparency - At times, employees may forget about where the working hours were invested. But using Bearbook, they will easily come to know about how many hours they invested and in which task.
  4. Scope of improvisation - Checking out on hours utilized on any task, there always lies a scope of improvisation which may be implemented which was not possible in old pen and paper time sheets.
  5. Invoicing - Easy invoicing to client. Automatic invoicing based on the hours worked on particular project. This was out of scope for old pen and paper time sheets.

And there can be many more such advantages of using Bearbook Project Management Online Application.

Now, knowing that there are so many advantages and features that Bearbook gives you, why not giving a try. A chance to Bearbook Project Management Online Application to prove its efficiency.

For free registration, please click on the link below. We are open to take your suggestions and improve in our Application and Services.