Working with Docs

  • You can Create a Rich Text Document with Bearbook Projects,
  • To Create a Document Go to Files Tab and Click on plus Icon that is visible at Top Right Corner,
  • Then Click on Start a new doc.
  • The Blank Document will be opened First set your Document title here we set it to 'Requirement Docs',
  • You can Write your Document Rich Text Content Below the Toolbar Pane.

Toolbar Pane:

You can do Many things in Documents with the use of Toolbar Pane in Documents,

  1. You can Bold your Text with First Option of Toolbar
  2. Second Option makes your Text Italic
  3. Third Option Used to Add strike on your Text
  4. Fourth Option is Used to Add Link on your Text
  5. Fifth Option is Used to Increase or Decrease your Font size
  6. Sixth one is Used to Change Color of Your Text
  7. Seventh option is Used to Add Quote on your Line
  8. Eighth option is used to Change the Align of your Text(Left, Center, Right, Justify)
  9. Ninth option is used to add Code Snippet in your Document
  10. Tenth option is Used to give numbering to your List
  11. Eleventh option is Used to Give bullets to your List
  12. Last option is Used to Upload a Image in your Document

  • You can drop us a Message anytime if you want to know anything about Bearbook from messenger, that is given at Bottom right corner.
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