How To Manage Multiple Units of an Item?

Selling or purchasing an item may not be in same unit. It might fluctuate in various units, i.e. Pieces, Box, Cartoon and so on. So every time adding same item in stock list with various unit is not legitimate.                  

  • Bearbook will help you to manage product with different units. No need to add price of all units.
  • You just need to add price of any one unit and Bearbook will calculate price of all units. You can make invoice with any unit as required.

Follow simple step to use multiple unit option:

  • In add new item, select any unit which is primary unit.
  • Click on check box called Multiple Units.

  • You can add multiple unit, that will help you to classify your items, based on different units.
  • For example, Suppose there is one cartoon and it contains 10 boxes and each box contains 10 Pcs. So each cartoon contains 100 Pcs.
  • So, 100 Pcs = 10 Boxes = 1 Cartoon.
  • Now add price of Per Unit according to reference unit(i.e. Pcs) and then save it.
  • Item will be saved.
  • Likewise, you can add other items consists multiple units.

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Did this answer your question?