How To Manage Product Kit And Production

Some of the organizations buy individual items and sell them as a kit. For example, Pixer Electrics brought parts of ceiling fan and do production of fan at its place and then they sell it. 

Using the Production feature in Bearbook, you will able to create kits/bundles, box them together due to which the stock of the production kit increases while the stock of the associated items decreases.

  • For production of fan, they purchase raw material in large quantity like,            

            12 no’s Ceiling Fan Blade

            4 Down rod

            4 Motor

            4 Ceiling fan Box

            4 Mount Adaptors       

So, first of all, they need to create product kit.

Follow simple steps to add production:
  • Click on Accounts → Production.

  • Click on Drop-down arrow, which is next to Add Item Button. Then click on Product Kit.

  • On product kit page click on Add Item and Create new Product Kit.

  • Now fill up all necessary detail with required materials for making a Single kit.

  • For example, production of one fan require following materials:

            3 no’s Ceiling Fan blades

            1 Down rod

            1 Motor

            1 Ceiling fan Box

            1 Mount Adaptor

  • Click on save.

Now your product kit is ready.

Let’s start production.

As you make production, add that production in production module to maintain your inventory.

For example, Pixer Electrics make a ceiling fan today.


Follow step to add this production
  • ‍Click on Add Item in Production Module.

  • ‍Select all necessary detail and save it.

  • Now in inventory, on hand stock of Ceiling fan will be 2 and on hand stock of other raw materials will be as below,

            9 no’s Ceiling Fan Blade

            3 Down rod

            3 Motor

            3 Ceiling fan Box

            3 Mount Adapters.

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Did this answer your question?