How To Manage Product Kit And Production

Some of the organizations buy individual items and sell them as a kit. For example, Pixer Electrics brought parts of ceiling fan and do production of fan at its place and then they sell it. 

  • Using the Production feature in Bearbook, you will able to create kits/bundles, box them together due to which the stock of the production kit increases while the stock of the associated items decreases.

  • For production of fan, they purchase raw material in large quantity like,            

            12 no’s Ceiling Fan Blade

            4 Down rod

            4 Motor

            4 Ceiling fan Box

            4 Mount Adaptors       

So, first of all, they need to create product kit.

Follow simple steps to add production:
  • Click on Accounts → Production.

  • Click on Drop-down arrow, which is next to Add Item Button. Then click on Product Kit.

  • On product kit page click on Add Item and Create new Product Kit.

  • Now fill up all necessary detail with required materials for making a Single kit.

  • For example, production of one fan require following materials:

            3 no’s Ceiling Fan blades

            1 Down rod

            1 Motor

            1 Ceiling fan Box

            1 Mount Adaptor

  • Click on save.
  • Now your product kit is ready.

Let’s start production.

As you make production, add that production in production module to maintain your inventory.

For example, Pixer Electrics make a ceiling fan today.


Follow step to add this production
  • ‍Click on Add Item in Production Module.

  • ‍Select all necessary detail and save it.

  • Now in inventory, on hand stock of Ceiling fan will be 2 and on hand stock of other raw materials will be as below,

            9 no’s Ceiling Fan Blade

            3 Down rod

            3 Motor

            3 Ceiling fan Box

            3 Mount Adapters.

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Did this answer your question?