How To Use Quicklinks

To make accounting quick and easy, Quick links are provided. On single click you can use most frequent module directly, no need to go with multiple menu option. On Dashboard many options are available i.e.  Sales Invoice, Purchase Invoice.

Follow simple step to add more Quick Links.
  • Click plus sign(+) on dashboard.
  • Choose module which you want on Dashboard.

  • You can see Saved Links on Dashboard
  • Now You can Access pages faster via Quick Links

 Later on, you can edit that module, whenever you want.

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Follow simple step to add Quick Links: 

  • Click plus sign(+), that is given at bottom right corner in dashboard.
  • With the help of Quicklinks, you can add new Invoice, Purchase, Item, Contact or Transaction Directly.

Did you Know?

  • ‍You can also change the order of menus that is given at bottom.
  • Tap on More Menu then click on Features.
  • In Features page you can change order by dragging menu up or down. After pressing back button, it will be automatically save your given order.
  • If you have any other queries you can Message us anytime from Bottom Right Chat bubble or contact us on +91 9737773145.
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