How to manage Users and Roles?

In Organisation single person can not take care of all the activities, at that time you can give access to others like your partners, employees, staff members or accountants for your company’s accounting.

  • User must have account in Bearbook if you want to add him/her. However they don’t need to pay extra for that as in Bearbook you can add multiple users for free. You can invite users through their registered Email ID or Phone Number they used for Sign up.

Follow simple steps to invite user to your company:

  • Go to Settings → Users & Roles.
  • Click on Invite User tab.
  • Enter the Email ID or Phone Number and save it.
  • User will be added successfully.
  • That user will receive an invitation on his email id and he need to accept that invitation.
  • And your company will be added in their account.

Give Permission to user

  • You can also give Permission to users such as Banking, Contacts, Inventory, Purchase, Reports, and Sales.
  • So that user can access that particular features only and can not do any other things expect he has permission for.


  • Click on Settings icon.
  • Select the features for which you want to give permission and access and save it.
  • Now that user can access that features for your company.

  • Only Company owner have rights to invite and grant permission for any features. You can edit it any time you want and also you can delete the user from your company.
  • On Dashboard we provide Activity feeds of last 30 days. From that you can check out that which user has done any particular activity and at what time.

  • You can drop us a Message anytime if you want to know anything about Bearbook from the messenger, that is given at Bottom right corner or contact us on +916355071900.
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Did this answer your question?