How to Get your Profit and Loss Account?

With just a few clicks, Bearbook helps you produce an accurate, professional profit and loss statement.

Steps to See Profit and Loss Statement:

  • Click on Reports Menu.

  • There you can see the List of many reports.
  • Click on Profit and Loss Report.

  • In the Report section, you can see the organized data of Sales, Cost of Goods Sold & Expenses and calculate gross profit and net income automatically.
  • You can also Print and Download reports anytime you want.
  • Through Bearbook online accounting software generate Accounting, Financial, Sales, Purchase, Inventory and GST reports whenever you want them.

  • You can drop us a Message anytime if you want to know anything about Bearbook from the messenger, that is given at Bottom right corner or contact us on +916355071900.

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Did this answer your question?