How to Add New Custom Account?

In Bearbook you might need to add or edit an account, or look at your chart of accounts to perform actions into it. Here’s how.

Steps to Add new Custom Account:

  • Click on Settings Menu.

  • Then Click on Others Dropdown menu and then click on Charts of Account.

  • The Chart of Account will be visible and many different types of account you can see there.
  • To Add New Account Click on Add Account.

  • The Add Account Popup will be opened. 
  • In that, first of all select account type. (i.e. if you are creating account for any expense then select Expense Account)
  • Then Fill Up Other Details Like Account Name and its Description (Optional) and Click on Save to add Account.
  • Now that account will be ready to use in your daily Accounting.
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Did this answer your question?