How to Add New Custom Account?

I‍n Bearbook, We provide necessary accounts which are important for your Business. You can add any new custom account and edit any existing account, as per your preference.

Following are the steps to add new Custom Account:

  • Go to Settings → Chart of Account → Add Account.
  • Add Account Popup will be opened.
  • In that, first of all select account Type: Expense, Income, Asset, Liability or Equity(i.e. if you are creating account for any expense then select Expense in Type).
  • Then Fill Up Account Name and its Description (Optional) and Click on Save to add Account.
  • Now that account is ready to use in your daily Accounting.

  • You can drop us a Message anytime if you want to know anything about Bearbook from the messenger, that is given at Bottom right corner or contact us on +916355071900.

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Did this answer your question?