Setup phone in Bearbook CRM

Bearboor user can use the CRM to call their customer directly from the CRM. To use the Bearbook phone feature, a user has to add his/her phone number to the CRM.

Steps to set up a phone in Bearbook,

1.From the home, click on 'Settings'.

Built-in call Bearbook CRM

2.In the side menu panel, click on 'Phone Settings'.

Built-in Call Bearbook CRM

3.Click on 'Add Number'

4.You will see 3 options for add number,

  1. New Number - Using this premium feature, a user can choose the number as per their choice and user can use that number for their business phone calls.
  2. External Number - Using this feature, a user can use their existing phone number to map it with CRM and use that number for their business phone calls.
  3. Porting & BYOC - Bearbook will release this feature soon.

5. Steps to set the external number,

  • Select your country and add your number and clickon 'Verify Number'.
  • You will see the instruction about verify the number, follow that instruction to verify your number.
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