Customize deals

In Bearbook CRM deals feature, users will get two main groups to save the data about the deals,

  1. Basic Information
  2. System Fields

In the Basic Information group, a user will get properties like Name, Contact, Deal Stage, Amount and others. and in System Fields group, a user will get properties like Created On, Created By, Modified By, Modified On.

If a user wants to customize these groups as per their business needs then a user can add new fields to these groups and user can also create a new group for their need.

Steps to edit an existing group and add a new group,

  • Edit Group Name: Place the cursor to that name and change the name as per your choice
Deal Customization Bearbook CRM
  • Edit Property: click on the property which you want to change and change that property from the side pane.
Deal Customization Bearbook CRM
  • Add a new property to existing group: Select any field from the side panel as per your need then drag that field and drop it into the group where you want to use it. For example, If you want to add Surname after the Name property then, Drag the 'Single Line Text' field from the side panel and drop it after the 'Name' field.
Deal Pipeline Bearbook CRM
  • Remove Field: Click on the remove sign in the park to remove a field from the group.
Deal Customize Bearbook CRM
  • Add New Group: Click on the 'Add Group' to add a new group and add the fields as per your business need.
Deal Customize Bearbook CRM
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