Customize Bearbook CRM

Customization of CRM is a primary feature to use CRM as per the business needs.Every business works as per their own rules and needs. Bearbook CRM provides customization of CRM to help the users improve their business using CRM.

Steps to customize Bearbook CRM,

  • Click on 'Settings' from home.
Bearbook CRM Customization

  • Click on 'Customize' from the side menu panel.
Bearbook CRM Customization
  • contacts and deals are the already added customization type.

          If you want to customize contacts then follow Customize contacts guide.

  • If you want to add new collection as per your business need then click on 'Add collection'
Bearbook CRM Customization
  • Fill the form as per the business need and select the type of the collection.
Bearbook CRM Customization
  • Customize the newly created collection as per the business need.
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