Add New Deals

Deals are the crucial thing for every business. A user can manage business deals in Bearbook CRM by using the 'Deals' feature of Bearbook CRM.

Add new deals in Bearbook CRM

In Bearbook CRM, a user can add deals by 3 ways,

  1. Add New Deal
  2. Quick Add
  3. Import Deal

1. Add New Deal

You can choose 'New Deal' option if you want to add deals with all the necessary information like Name, Amount, Contact, Close Date, Deal Stage and Assigned to.

Steps to create a new deal,

  • Click on the "New Deals" button or on the "Add Deal" button as shown in the given image.
Add new deal Bearbook CRM
  • Fill the form with the details you want to add and click on 'Save Deal' to save the deal.
Add new deal Bearbook CRM
  • You will see the deal in the table or card format as per your choice.
List view of deal Bearbook CRM
Deal pipeline Bearbook CRM

2. Quick Add

A user can quickly add new deal by just entering Name and Deal Stage. If you want to add deals quickly then enter Name, Deal Stage and click on 'Quick Add' to save the deal.

Quick Add Deal Beabook CRM

3.Import Deals

A user can also save multiple deals at the same time by importing deals data from the CSV file. In Bearbook CRM, you can also import deals data from CSV file to save multiple deals.

Steps to import deals,

  • Click on the 'Import' link and you will redirect to the import data page.
Import Deal Bearbook CRM
  • To import the data from CSV, Follow the 3 steps which are shown on the page.

          1.First, select the 'Deals' option from the dropdown and click on 'Select CSV Files' to import data.

Import Deal Bearbook CRM

              2.Select a field from the dropdown as per the field in the CSV file to map the CSV file into CRM fields and click on 'Next'. For example, if you have Name field in CSV file                  then select Name from the dropdown for Name field of CRM.

Import Deal Bearbook CRM

             3.Verify your CSV data with the deals prepared in the CRM.If it is perfect as per your data then click on 'Import' to import it on your CRM. If you want to rearrange your data                 then click on 'Rearrange'.

Import Deal Bearbook CRM
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