Working with Deals

Handy guides to get you started

Customize deals

Bearbook CRM provides features to fully customized CRM for the users as per their business and sales needs.

Add New Deals

Deals can be added in CRM by 3 ways. A user can directly import their deals from CSV file to save their time.

Customize Bearbook CRM

Customization of the CRM helps the users to manage their customers as per their business needs.

Add information to contact

A user can store every information of the customers as per the business needs.

Call to any customer

Make phone calls to the customers directly from the CRM improve the productivity of the users and helps them to track the records.

Email to any customer

Using Bearbook CRM, Sending an email to the customer is a very quick process to enhance productive.

Customize Contacts

Customization of contacts allow users to create contacts as per their business needs.

Add activity to any customer

Activity for any particluar contact can be directly set from the cotacts to save the time and track the activities in business.

Import data in contacts

Import contacts in CRM helps a user to quickly add bulk contacts in CRM.

Basis about contacts

Contacts are the important to manage the business. CRM provides the feature to manage the contacts and increase succeess in business deals.

Import deals

Using the import deals feature a user can import bulk data to enhance their productivity in dealing with the customers.

Basis about deals

Bearbook CRM 'Deals' is the essential feature of the CRM to help the businessman to close the deal as a successful deal.

Invite your team to Bearbook CRM

Inviting your team to colaborate in work is also a useful feature in Bearbook.

Setup phone in Bearbook CRM

Bearbook CRM phone feature allows users to directly connect with the customer using your phone number.

Enable two way email sync

Working with activities and appointments

Bearbook CRM supports activities and appointments to increase the productive in the team.

Working with deals

Import your data

Import your data directly to CRM is helpful for the user to save the time.

Working with contacts

Contact management is the essential feature of Bearbook CRM.

Create your account

Creating a CRM account in Bearbook is the first step to use the Bearbook CRM.