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How to Record Your Purchase?

When you purchase any item/product or raw material from your vendors you need to create Purchase Invoice. And it's also required for recording regular expenses for running your business. According to purchase invoice, number of product will be updated in inventory.

How To Use Quicklinks

To make accounting quick and easy, Quick links are provided. On single click you can use most frequent features directly, no need to go with multiple menu option.

How To Manage Multiple Units of an Item?

Selling or purchasing an item may not be in same unit. It might fluctuate in various units, i.e. Pieces, Box, Cartoon and so on. So every time adding same item in stock list with various unit is not legitimate.

Setup Or Edit Organisation Profile

Organization Profile includes all your organization detail such as Organization Name, GST number, Address etc. This information will be reflected in the invoices created.

How can you Customize your invoice?

Invoices are a big part of any business. Invoices help you to know the exact amount of purchase, sales or expenses you have made in your business. Here you can Upload company logo, customize invoice and change style of invoice.

How to Create a New GST Invoice?

Invoices are a big part of any business. Invoices help you to know the exact amount of purchase, sales or expenses you have made in your business.

How to manage Users and Roles?

In Organisation single person can not take care of all the activities, at that time you can give access to others like your partners, employees, staff members or accountants for your company’s accounting.

How to Create & Manage Products/Items with Inventory ?

Determine the amount of products/items you need to keep on hand and also the minimum stock level. Bearbook makes it possible to integrate the inventory and accounting systems, this way you won’t run out of inventory.

How To Add Multiple Items or Categories of One Item In Inventory

Creating attribute and options is most of the case. Most of the items have attribute like Color, Size, Brand etc. May they all have different cost.

How to Create new Contact?

Contact can be Customer or Vendor who purchase or sell the products or services from business. Contacts will provide you a list of all your past and current Customers or Vendors. It incldes, Name, Email ID, Phone number, GST number, PAN number, Address and more.

How to Create & Setup your account?

Bearbook is online accounting software for small and medium size businesses. Use Bearbook to manage GST invoicing, Inventory & more. Start a free trial today!

How to Create a new Estimate?

An estimate is a quote or a proposal for the products you sell or the services you render to your clients to take your business forward.

How to Manage your Cash-Bank account?

An Organization receives payment from their customer and makes payment to their vendors via cash, cheque or bank transfer etc. Bearbook will manage transaction with all types of payment modes individually and can manage your Cash-Banks accounts.